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Using Ahrefs as a Tool for Keyword Research

Keyword Research Process


Most people consider Ahrefs to be a backlink checking tool or maybe marketing agencies use Ahrefs exclusively for backlink research. However, Ahrefs is much more than a backlink tool; it is an enterprise resource for search marketing. In Ahref’s own words:

If you look at the big picture, Ahrefs is a data company. We collect data, we process data, we store data and, finally, we build all sorts of tools that let you use our data in your marketing.”

In terms of keyword research, Ahrefs is regarded as having one of the most accurate and largest keyword databases. Within the platform, a user is able to access various keyword instruments including keyword difficulty projections, search volume, parent topics, keyword ideas, and a keyword generator. Ahrefs growing database has allowed their keyword research tool to become one of the strongest on the market, while continuously providing more accurate insights. Lastly, with the new addition of organic clicks, users can access metrics that show how many people click on a link after a search is made on Google.  

Ahrefs keyword solution is split into two different areas or focuses: conventional and competitive based. The conventional tool is going to do a lot of the basic keyword analysis including search volume, difficulty or related keywords. The competitive side of the keyword research digs into SERP analysis allowing users to stack their content against their competitors. With this side, a user can put together a game plan to outrank competition and jump to the first page of Google.

Ahrefs is a paid solution, so it is not as accessible to beginner search marketers who are looking for something basic. However, the tool itself is extremely user-friendly, so beginners will benefit from using Ahrefs if they have the budget to afford its offerings. Anyone familiar with SEO or keyword optimization will express that Ahrefs is well worth the price tag.

Why Use Ahrefs Over Other Tools?

Ahrefs provides the most information-rich enterprise solution to search marketers. By this, we mean that Ahrefs sets the standard for other keyword platforms in terms of data accuracy and keyword data precision. Ahrefs is an amazing research tool for content writers and strategists looking to optimize a website’s organic performance. Not to mention, the backlink tool alone is worth the price you pay in order to access the Ahrefs platform. If you’re looking for an enterprise solution with extreme accuracy, big data, and a platform trusted by many marketers then this is the best solution for you.