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Why Free Privacy Policy Generators are a Recipe for Disaster


In today’s digital age, privacy has become a major concern for individuals and businesses alike. With the increasing amount of personal data being collected and shared online, it is important to have a privacy policy in place to protect user data and ensure compliance with privacy laws. However, many businesses turn to free privacy policy generators to create their policies, thinking that it is a quick and easy solution. But the truth is, free privacy policy generators are a recipe for disaster.

The Risks of Using Free Privacy Policy Generators

1. Free Privacy Policy Generators is Not Customized to Your Business

Free privacy policy generators offer a one-size-fits-all solution. They do not take into account the unique aspects of your business, such as the type of data you collect, how you collect it, and how you use it. This can lead to a generic policy that does not accurately reflect your business practices and can leave you vulnerable to legal action.

2. Not Compliant with Privacy Laws

Privacy laws are constantly changing, and a free privacy policy generator may not keep up with these changes. Using an outdated policy can leave you in violation of privacy laws, which can result in hefty fines and legal action.

3. Not Reviewed by a Licensed Attorney

Free privacy policy generators are often created by non-lawyers, which means they may not fully understand the legal implications of your policy. This can leave you with a policy that is not legally sound and can lead to legal action.

4. Not Tailored to Your Website

Free privacy policy generators do not take into account the unique aspects of your website, such as the use of cookies, third-party plugins, and advertising. This can lead to a policy that does not accurately reflect how you collect and use data on your website.

Why is WebKitty the Solution?

WebKitty is one of the top providers for privacy policy generators. They offer a customizable solution that is tailored to your business and website. In addition to generating comprehensive policies, we provide customers with the added benefit of sharing access with their own attorneys. This allows customers to have their legal counsel review and customize the policies according to their unique needs and preferences. Customers can rest assured that their policies are not only comprehensive and legally compliant, but also fully customizable to meet their specific requirements.

WebKitty’s policy is also embedded into your website, ensuring that it is easily accessible to your users. And, whenever privacy laws change, your policy is automatically updated with the newly required disclosures. This ensures that you are always in compliance with privacy laws and reduces your risk of legal action.

In conclusion, these generators are not a safe solution for protecting user data and complying with privacy laws. They are not customized to your business, not compliant with privacy laws, not reviewed by a licensed attorney, and not tailored to your website. Instead, businesses should invest in a Privacy Policy license from WebKitty. This customizable solution is reviewed by a licensed attorney, tailored to your business and website, and automatically updated with newly required disclosures. Plus, WebKitty offers a 10% discount for your first purchase. Don’t leave your business vulnerable to legal action – invest in a Privacy Policy license from WebKitty today.